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@victoriabeckham: Super chic @Cmdr_Hadfield x vb

@victoriabeckham: Happy Mother’s Day fashion bunnies! x vb

@victoriabeckham: Rainy day in NY, fun visiting Punk: Chaos to Couture @metmuseum x vb

@victoriabeckham: Sun is shining! Fun day working in New York! x vb

@victoriabeckham: Lovely to see you today @DVF, thank u for my book!! So excited to read it!! x vb

@victoriabeckham: So excited for “The Great Gatsby” can’t wait to see the clothes!!! Huge Prada fan! x vb

@victoriabeckham: Who knew a two piece gold bin liner could look cool?! Loving Pharrell! Song of the day… x vb

@victoriabeckham: Happy Thursday fashion bunnies!!!rainy day in NY!!! X Vb

@victoriabeckham: Fun chat with @BritishVogue ! X Vb

@victoriabeckham: Fun chat with @BritishVogue ! X Vb