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@RyanSeacrest: With the #shahs last night!

@RyanSeacrest: “Men are what their mothers made them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

@RyanSeacrest: Most of the episode we’re in Chile in vina del mar para concierto de los @JonasBrothers #mtj

@RyanSeacrest: South America! We’re coming to you on @MarriedToJonas esta noche en los estados unidos #mtj

@RyanSeacrest: @MikeyDeleasa big show tonight buddy

@RyanSeacrest: @sethmeyers congrats Seth…can’t think of a funnier dude to do that show. You gotta bring REALLY!?! over with u

@RyanSeacrest: RT @LaceyVRose: Exclu: @RyanSeacrest is back with another music competition show. Details:

@RyanSeacrest: It’s called “Duelo Musical: Super Estrella” …I’ll keep u guys updated as we put it together at @RSP

@RyanSeacrest: This is big…estoy muy emocionado. We’re bringing a spanish singing show to @Telemundo! @RSP

@RyanSeacrest: Flipping double frittatas for mom…some serious hand eye coordination goin on!!