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@MelissaEGilbert: “@drugnews: Wishing a very Happy Birthday to our amazing Celebrity Champion! Hope you are having a great day.” Much love back to u all!!

@MelissaEGilbert: @Tom_Bergeron hopefully I won’t get eliminated this year! (where I am, that means they take away my fishing license) Happy b’day back.

@MelissaEGilbert: Really enjoying all of the birthday wishes from my tweetiepies!! I’m 49 today. I have 49 years of life and they have been extraordinary. xo

@MelissaEGilbert: Hubby baits

@MelissaEGilbert: Timmy baits

@MelissaEGilbert: I can bait my own hook!

@MelissaEGilbert: “@IAmCreeSummer: @MelissaEGilbert aww just a visit would be good Wanna hear all about the sweet stuff” you got it. Next week!

@MelissaEGilbert: @IAmCreeSummer hi my love/friend. I’m home Sunday. When/how can I help?

@MelissaEGilbert: @IAmCreeSummer poor bones!!

@MelissaEGilbert: @IAmCreeSummer poor bones!!