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@lancearmstrong: @jaredmelzer @JohanBruyneel @pjrabice Thanks Jared – was a pleasure working w/ you too. Thx for the support.

@lancearmstrong: @jtanzer @mkelly007 @HoneyStinger right on!

@lancearmstrong: @Pflax1 @Vaughters Peter, we are thousands of miles apart so had to settle for a little FaceTime action. #improvise

@lancearmstrong: Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

@lancearmstrong: @CAJEAH I’m not. Raincheck.

@lancearmstrong: @ZimmermanAnna black

@lancearmstrong: @jashanSingh @BarryBerkus he was a great man. I miss him.

@lancearmstrong: @Worlds88 hahahaha!!!

@lancearmstrong: @gint32 @stefmcginty do it!

@lancearmstrong: @Vaughters @AndyElche dude, shhh, don’t tell anybody that!