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@eonline: EXCLUSIVE @theofficenbc scoop: Steve Carrell is back in Scranton! Bye, having Dunder Mifflin feels.

@eonline: It’s the Final Countdown! (♫ Do do do dooooo. &#9835 The #ArrestedDevelopment Season Four trailer is HERE!

@eonline: Congrats to bride-to-be @SavannahGuthrie on her engagement!

@eonline: Barbara Walters is about to make it official on #TheView: retirement is coming.

@eonline: @JosephbyNature Same! Can’t we all just get along?!

@eonline: Big week for Selena Gomez: lost a boyfriend, gaining a sibling! YAY, congrats Big Sis! ♥

@eonline: This! MT @kokatron So glad that you’ve recovered @ladygaga. Now let us #littlemonsters rule the world again! #gagathanksformakingushappy

@eonline: #TwoThingsThatDontMixWell: Miley Cyrus and the fans of Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift, apparently!

@eonline: Good news, Little Monsters: @ladygaga is back in performance mode!

@eonline: Fox Boss Talks American Idol Judging Drama, 24 Return and Glee’s Future