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@DannyDeVito: Brunch… We never did that in New Jersey…

@DannyDeVito: @hecpin15 I’m just looped and saw him on TV and it reminded me of Joey Pants and Paul Schafer

@DannyDeVito: Putbull . Paul Schafer& Joey Pants

@DannyDeVito: Pit bull Paul shader and Joey pants

@DannyDeVito: #Trollfoot HNY2013 Noam

@DannyDeVito: #Trollfoot Happy New Year bitches! Party hard. safe! No drinking and driving! We have things to do!

@DannyDeVito: Happy New Year from me and #Trollfoot …please Don’t Drink & Drive& take a glance at Louis Michael Seidman NYtimes op-ed12.31.12

@DannyDeVito: #Trollfoot Silvio December

@DannyDeVito: @sammyfrost1 cheer it up

@DannyDeVito: #Trollfoot rests