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@alyankovic: Every New Year’s Eve for the rest of my life is gonna suck.

@alyankovic: Teenage Me and Present-Day Me were both insanely happy to spend New Year’s Eve with these guys.

@alyankovic: Just checking – you DO know what “santorum” means, right? RT @RupertMurdoch Good to see santorum surging in Iowa.

@alyankovic: Don’t go carryin’ pictures of Chairman Mao. #YouSayYouWantAResolution

@alyankovic: RT @Puddinstrip: NEW YEARS PUDDIN’ – @EddiePepitone rings in the New Year w/ @AlYankovic @JamesUrbaniak @5SF @KelseyGunn …

@alyankovic: Well… at least I’ll be able to get ONE more year out of this stupid Mayan calendar.

@alyankovic: Everybody, please calm down. I am NOT divorcing Katy Perry.

@alyankovic: Out of all the days of 2011, today is definitely the penULTIMATE!!!

@alyankovic: Still learning how to make brownies.

@alyankovic: Does anybody know the expiration on whoop-ass? I opened a can last week and I’m not sure if it’s still good.