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@algore: 2011-2013: US disaster relief cost $136 billion; $400/household. To avert worse, we must halt the climate crisis.

@algore: The divide between humans and computers is closing. Brain-reading products soon to be mainstream.

@algore: In 2012, US East Coast experienced hottest ocean temperatures in 150 years. Paralleled scorching land temps.

@algore: Frightening: 40-50% of bees needed for pollination in US have disappeared due to “colony collapse disorder.”

@algore: The Internet of Things has allowed us to free our “cognitive resources.” But at what cost?

@algore: On my way to @LaurelwoodBooks in Memphis to talk about my new book, The Future. I look forward to seeing you there:

@algore: Price of renewables dropping. Wind now cheaper than coal in some areas:

@algore: Headed to Denver’s @TatteredCover bookstore at noon to discuss my new book, The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change.

@algore: New study confirms Tea Party is anything but spontaneous, part of long-term trend to hack our democracy. My thoughts:

@algore: I’ll be talking with Steve Scher of Seattle’s @KUOW in 25 minutes. Listen in: