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@adventuregirl: Oahu’s 1st sunset of 2012! #hawaii #newyears

@adventuregirl: Oahu’s 1st sunset of 2012! #hawaii #newyears

@adventuregirl: Happy New Year 2012 + Aloha!

@adventuregirl: @heykim “how long in Palau! Where will U be for #NewYearsEve ?”-> Leaving 2nite/early a.m.=1:30am to Guam= Spending New Years in Palau!

@adventuregirl: Sign off for now= line for internet use! Will try to log on when I get to Guam 2moro. Have the Best New Year’s Eve EVER! Thinking of U all!

@adventuregirl: Sending all my friends around the globe the best wishes for an amazing New year! 2012 is gonna rock it! XOXO

@adventuregirl: Alii from Palau! Not much luck with internet access till now. Will get photos for you when I can! Amazing place! Best diving/jellyfish lake!

@adventuregirl: Palau bound… Connect soon from another time zone! #enroute2adventure #Palau

@adventuregirl: Will be swimming w these in Palau- but for now- behind glass @ oahu aquarium

@adventuregirl: A must do on Oahu- the University of Oahu’s Aquarium! #adventure #travel