"Foot in Mouth Award"

The award will be given on a regular basis to celebrities who demonstrate the exceptional ability to post something on Twitter that they immediately regret. Often a celeb will post a tweet that after further reflection seems like a giant mistake. It is not uncommon for this error to come to their attention following an avalanche of criticism or a panicked call from an agent or manager.

The first step is to often delete the tweet in hopes of mitigating the damage. While we will be the first to admit that celebrities are just like us, humans who are prone to mistakes we don’t feel that they should be able to hide from them. In fact we believe that because of the power they wield with their voice, they should in fact think before they Tweet. This award's purpose is to both celebrate and ridicule the tweets from the celebrities we love so much!

Winners of the Award

Ashton Kutcher won on Dec 13, 2011

The Reason:

Ashton sent out a Tweet criticizing Penn State for firing Joe Pa without knowing the exact reason. Poor Ashton apparently was living under a rock and hadn't heard about the child sexual abuse scandal. In Kelsoe's defense he did immediately retract his statement and apologized for being such a dumb ass.

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